Distillery -Grain Handling System

This system is suitable for moving all kinds of grains. The form of the material you want to move doesn’t matter, this grain handling system can do the job for you. The sophisticated technology and impeccable engineering have made it possible to create state-of-the-art systems like these. Raj Deep Envirocon LLP is one of the leading Distillery Grain Handling System Manufacturers In Pune. We use modern tools and advanced techniques to manufacture world-class products. Our esteemed clientele perfectly reflects the standards we have established for creating our products. These systems can be engineered to suit your specific requirements.

Our Distillery Grain Handling System Contains:

  • Grain loading into GI Silo with receiving hopper, bucket elevator, aspiration system and grain distributor.
  • Grain storage silo with all its accessories like discharge gate, aeration system with fan, discharge conveyor, level measurement system and sweep auger.
  • Grain cleaning system involves destoner for removing stones, magnetic drum separator and pre-cleaner separating oversized and undersized impurities.
  • Grain milling system, flour handling system, flour storage, flour weighing and batching etc.

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